How We Work

Four Design Phases

Spectrum Systems Design uses the following four phases as a basis to manage the Audio Visual design & installation project. At each stage, Spectrum will work with the client team to define the next stage before proceeding. This gives the client control over the scope of the project.

After the initial meeting, Spectrum will prepare a proposal to outline the scope of project and the scope of work for Phase I – Design Development.


Phase I – Design Development

Purpose: Define types of Audio Visual systems, functional requirements and estimate cost of the project.

  1. Review the AV Master Plan options with the client
  2. Recommend and define the AV systems
  3. Locate AV equipment for different room types & layouts
  4. Develop the room’s design with the design team
  5. Calculate projection optics
  6. Develop a presentation walls
  7. Analyze front or rear projection requirements
  8. Configure lectern requirements
  9. Present a written Design Development Report containing:
    1. Functional requirements per system
    2. Equipment location
    3. Estimated project cost
    4. Project schedule


Phase II – Design and Construction Documents

Purpose: Evolve the Audio Visual design and prepare for distributing construction documents.

  1. Review acoustical, lighting and mechanical plans
  2. Complete detail of presentation walls
  3. Create AV construction details and review with design team
  4. Initiate AV systems engineering
  5. Complete floor and reflected ceiling plans locating AV equipment
  6. Present the AV design and construction documents for final review
  7. Submit construction documents to the design team for distribution


Phase III – Design Completion and Audio Visual Documents

Purpose: Complete the Audio Visual design, engineering and budgeting.

  1. Review AV system functionality, quality and budget with the client team
  2. Complete engineering block and wiring diagrams
  3. Complete equipment list
  4. Complete AV project cost
  5. Present and review the Final Design Report


Phase IV – Installation

Purpose: Purchase equipment design and install Audio Visual systems

  1. Upon approval, proceed with equipment purchases
  2. Pre-assemble equipment in racks and test
  3. Write remote control and audio programming code
  4. Complete custom fabrication of panels and mounts
  5. Provide on-site construction administration, coordination and supervision
  6. On-site installation & tuning of systems:
    1. Pull and terminate cable
    2. Mount projectors and flat screens
    3. Confirm signal paths
    4. Align and color balance projectors and flat screens
    5. Set audio gain structure
    6. Verify systems and check operation
    7. Test audio and remote control programming
  7. Client and AV team will perform acceptance testing:
    1. Verify that all equipment has been delivered
    2. Verify all connections work
    3. Verify all systems are fully operational
  8. Deliver close-out documents
  9. Train client team on system operation